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Translation of Kyiv Parks routes_part 1

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Translation of Kyiv Parks routes_part 1 Translation of Kyiv Parks routes_part 1
The cycling route (velorout) Dnipro Hills "Park of Glory"

The cycling route (velorout) Dnipro Hills "Askold's Grave"

Translation of Kyiv Parks routes_part 1

Near the Green Theatre’s area begins a territory of the Park "Askold's Grave".

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On (yellow track 11. "Park 4"), you can drive around the church of St. Nicholas at Askold’s grave. Along this track there are crosses, symbolizing the stops of cross procession in Jerusalem.

Park Askold's Grave

Askold's Grave - a picturesque part of the park, which is situated on the slopes of the right bank of the Dnipro River, located between the Dnipro and the descent of the Mariinsky park. This is one of the famous historical places of Kyiv. A picturesque one, covered with mysterious legends, this place has always attracted residents and guests of the city. Taras Shevchenko recreated the Askold's grave in one of his watercolors and a writer Zagoskin wrote a novel "Askold's Grave", which formed the basis of the libretto by Verstovsky’s opera.
The history of "Askold's Grave" Park.
Translation of Kyiv Parks routes_part 1Askold's Grave appeared in place of the Hungarian tract. This area has long been associated with the legend of the murder of Askold and Dir. There was a Princely Courtyard, which according to legend, was in deceit penetrated by Varangian Viking Oleg, who arrived with his army in Kyiv on boats by the Dnipro. Impersonating a merchant, he asked Askold and Dir to have a trade meeting on the Dnipro. There they were attacked by soldiers and murdered. According to legend, over the grave of Prince Askold 50 years later was built a church, which received the name of St. Nicholas, as Nicholas - a name that Askold took at the baptism in 867. At the end of the XVIII century on the Askold's grave there was a necropolis. At first belonging to the monastery and later a citywide. In this cemetery was buried about 2,000 people, among them many famous and wealthy people of Kyiv - philosophers, writers, actors, engineers and composers. In particular - the author of "dead loop" Russian pilot Nesterov, Professor of Medicine Mehring, M. Solovtsov, a theatrical figure. There was a lot of group burials. In 1918, at Askold grave there were buried Red Guards who fought for Kyiv, young patriots who died later, in the defense of Kyiv from the Russian Bolshevik’s invasion (Heroes of Kruty), and then Petlyura Cossacks. The cemetery existed at Askold’s grave till the beginning of the XX century. In 1934 on the orders of the Soviet authorities necropolis was eliminated and in its place was built a park. Metal fencing parts were allowed for scrap, crypts and tombstones were disposed. The stones were given for students of the Art Institute to create busts of leaders of the revolution, also it was used as the material of the buildings, parks and curb clearance for the central streets of Kyiv. Only a few graves were moved to other cemeteries. During the occupation by German troops in Kyiv at Askold's grave was located a cemetery for German soldiers and officers, then after the liberation of Kyiv this cemetery was eliminated. In 1943, there were buried Soviet soldiers, which liberated Kyiv, the remains of which later were moved to the Park of Eternal Glory.

On (10 red track "Park -3"). You can also drive through the Askold’s Park. Tracks are paved like in Khreschaty park, but a little unkempt. So it can be a bit of an extreme experience. Along the parkway paved pavement is done, which is a superb fit for cycling. But I am afraid a large number of cars can literally poison your life therefore I would recommend that you use all the proposed tracks and enjoy a nature ...


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Google: 10-parkovaya road-3
11-parkovaya road-4
Garmin: parkovaya road-3 track
parkovaya road-4 track

Ozi: parkovaya road-3
parkovaya road-4
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