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Translation of Kyiv Parks routes_part 1

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Translation of Kyiv Parks routes_part 1 Translation of Kyiv Parks routes_part 1
The cycling route (velorout) Dnipro Hills "Park of Glory"

The cycling route (velorout) Dnipro Hills "Park of Glory"

Translation of Kyiv Parks routes_part 1

By Askold's Grave (on the green track - 3. Lavra - Askold) you can cross the Parkovaya road and get to the Park of Glory.

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At the crossroads a Chapel of St. Andrew attracts your view.
Temple-chapel of St. Andrew.

Translation of Kyiv Parks routes_part 1Apostle Andrew after the Descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles went to preach to the East. He passed Minor Asia, Thrace, Macedonia, reached the Danube, passed the Black Sea coast of Crimea and the Black Sea region. He founded a church in Hersonissos. From the Crimea, he went to the land of the Scythians up the Dnipro, preaching the Word of God. Even in those days this river was a major trade route and had numerous settlements along its shores. When he reached the place where now stands Kyiv Apostle said to his disciples, saying: " Do you see these mountains? As God’s grace will shine on these mountains, and great city to built and many churches shall God help to raise up.

Temple-chapel of St. Andrew

St. Andrew Square, 1.
Kyivans always cherished the memory of the prophetic words of the apostle, so in the XI century it was built a stone church in honor of St. Andrew, which was not preserved to our days. Therefore, in 2000 at the expense of the Public Fund of St. Andrew a new church was built. The consecration and installation of the cross on the chapel took place on 13.Dec.2000. The chief architect of the project - N. Zharikov. The temple was built in the Ukrainian Baroque style, but with elements of its modern interpretation. External icon chapel made in the art of ceramic painting (author - L. Meshkov). The temple was designed and built with the idea of vertical dominants: a small one at the base (6x6 m.), the Chapel seeks high (the height of 18 m.). This creates a unique color as for the structure itself, as for the whole area. Given the proximity to the abbey, a chapel made in the traditional architectural forms of religious buildings, which are typical in Kyiv. Therefore, on the specifics of style and territorial jurisdiction of the chapel, of course, it entered to the Lavra complex.

Translation of Kyiv Parks routes_part 1Just above the track on the Walk of Heroes of Kruty there is a monument to Leonid Bykov.

Monument to L.F. Bykov.


Monument to Leonid Bykov (1928-1979) dedicated to military pilots, located in Kyiv near the Walk of Fame. The monument was inaugurated on November 6, 2001 at 9:00 am. Leonid Bykov depicts the image of pilot fighter Captain Titarenko from the iconic movie "Only old men are going to battle”. He had just returned from a flight and sat on the cockpit of his plane. Around the monument open space – if like the airfield, the Dnipro is far away, and it is very close to the Walk of Fame, and the Eternal Flame. The author of the monument - sculptor Vladimir Schoor. Patrons: Shpig Fedor, Butko Vladimir, Andriyaka Alexander.

On a paved path (green track - 3 . Lavra - Askold) get into the park of "Eternal Glory"

Park of Eternal Glory covers an area of about 9.5 hectares. The park was created on the basis of Anosov (Commandant) garden, which was created back in 1894. After the war, Anosov garden turned into a wasteland. To its beneath from the Dnipro side dozens of monuments and gravestones, dismantled with the Askold grave, were dropped. On the way to the monastery several crypts were also set high. This place was intended for the burial and expressions of grief for the dead. In 1957 (November 6) in the Park of Eternal Glory was erected a memorial with a monument of Eternal Glory at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The monument is designed as a 27-meter granite obelisk. Near the foot of the obelisk eternal flame burns. The flame for the opening ceremony of the memorial was taken from the field of the battle of Stalingrad, on Mamayev Kurgan. The commander of the Kyiv Military District, Marshal Vasily Chuikov personally raised the torch, igniting the fire in Kyiv Memorial. On the wide avenue leading to the monument, located 34 graves of soldiers who died in World War II. Among them: the head of the Defense of Kyiv Colonel - General Mikhail Kirponos, the national hero of Yugoslavia Air Force Major General Andrew Vitruk, Guard Petty Officer Nikifor Sholudenko that in November 1943 was the first on his tank to break in the center of the city.

(On Red Track - "Walk of Remembrance for Victims of Holodomor") you can visit the memorial.

Translation of Kyiv Parks routes_part 1Walk of Remembrance for Victims of famine (Holodomor) "Candle of Memory" - a 32-meter concrete chapel, made in the form of a white candle with gilded filigree flame. Facets of candles decorated with ornaments from the windows resembling Ukrainian embroidery. These little windows of carved crosses, symbolizing the souls of Ukrainians who died of starvation. The opening of the memorial sign "Candle of Memory" in the Park of Glory was held on 22 November 2008. Author of the project Anatoly Gaydamak, an artist. In front of the memorial there is small square surrounded by 24 millstones around the perimeter, they symbolize the 24 thousand human lives, that Holodomor claimed every day. In the center - a small sculpture of the girl, pressing gently to her chest the ears of wheat, which recalls existing in the 30-ties years the law "on five ears." , which was introduced by Stalin.
The bottom of the candle is encircled by four crosses, resembling the wings of the mill. One cross is for every period of famine (1921-22, 1932-33, 1946-47.) and the fourth, central one, is dedicated to all of the Holodomors in Ukraine. Cross-like Translation of Kyiv Parks routes_part 1 cells at the base of candles are decorated with golden statues of cranes. They are encased in the cage, but one manages to "break away" - the symbol of the revival of the Ukrainian people. Under the memorial is scheduled to open the underground "virtual" room. In the middle of the room, about 36 meters in diameter - the column in the center will be a huge candle burning constantly, and on the perimeter of the hall twelve projectors will continuously show films about the consequences of the Holodomor. From the foot of the ladder is mounted candle - Memory Alley. On the plates, as in the Black Book of Ukraine, 12 thousand names of villages affected in those days are carved.

After the memorial, we head into park "Dnipro Hills"
This green area in Kyiv starts at the Memorial of Holodomor victims and extends to the walls of the Lavra Monastery. On top there is a cliff, and it is also limited by the monastery walls, and at the bottom there is a City Highway (Stolychne Shosse). Now there is an active development of this site. Perhaps, after a while it becomes a stone labyrinths ...
All along the park runs an asphalt road. The green track (3 Lavra - Askold)
The road begins at the Monastery walls. Here are the back gate through which the trolley removal of soil from the caves is done. The part of this place down is not paved. In wet weather it can be very messy!

Just from this point begins the blue track along the fence up (14. Wall Lavra with a wicket- high climb track).
When leaving the upper red track (1 Lavra) there is a forged gate. It can be shut.
In addition it should be noted that the track along the wall is very littered. (Perhaps for the time being).
In the same way, it can be accessed on the blue track (13 section). On the red track (Lavra 1.) You can go to the park "Dnipro Hills" in the Pechersk Lavra. On the border there is a barrier!


Download tracks:

Google : 3-lavra-askold
12-alley of holodomor victims memory
14-wall lavra with wicket - path high climb

Garmin: alley of holodomor victims memory track
wall lavra with wicket-path high climb

Ozi: wall lavra with wicket-path high climb
alley of holodomor victims memory

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